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An Explorer’s Guide to Ferocious Dragons

An explorer’s guide to the dangers and excitement of coming face-to-face with the world’s most ferocious serpents.

XYZ: Animal Tongue Twisters

XYZ: Animal Tongue Twisters is a fun, entertaining way to challenge young readers with new sounds and letter combinations. Recommended for young readers, ages 6-9.

Too Many Things to Tie Up

Here they are, just for you, two dozen poems- plus two!
They’ll make you laugh until you cry. They might even keep you up at night. Poems by a kid, just like you, who has too many things to tie up and too many thoughts deep inside. Their thoughts keep them tied up all the time.

8-year-old author

Don’t Be a Doofus: To Swing or Not to Swing

To swing or not to swing?
That is the question.

Pull up a seat and listen closely as Abby shares with her classmates the lesson she learned over summer break.

Don't Be a Doofus features a series of childhood shenanigans and tomfoolery that are sure to make even Mrs. Fetterwinkle laugh.

The Self, Poetry series

Self, Poetry is a series a poetic compilations from H.A. Harper that draw readers to enjoy the art of well written words.

Self, Less: Life. Love. Loss

Self, Care: Pace and Pleasure

Self, Love: The Four Loves

Self, Worship: Reflection and Praise

Note to Self: Myth Reimagined

BOOK ONE in the Time-Sacrifice Series!

Can time ever be changed? If so, at what cost? Through Faran’s story, Kris comes to realize that there is only one way to change the past but the price is high—Time-Sacrifice. Take this journey with Kris through a modern reimagining of the Narcissus Myth.

Time Sacrifice

BOOK TWO in the Time-Sacrifice Series!

Young scientists and couple, Dante and Bea, secretly created a time traveling device. In the process, a strain was put on their marriage that leads Dante back to the place and time they first met to flesh out what went wrong. There, Dante is confronted by someone who knows his secret and is given a choice: give up his device or die. Dante must now figure out how to save his marriage, keep his invention, and stay alive. Will he have to sacrifice one to save the others?

Revival and Victory: A Poetic Companion to Prince Caspian

Revival and Victory uses reflections and poetry to provide a chapter by chapter revelation that guides readers along the path taken by the Pevensies and company in Prince Caspian.

You Are Powerful

You Are Powerful helps curious children understand that every person is made in the image of God, no matter the differences they may notice between themselves and others.

*Sales Profits donated to pediatric medical organizations.*

Hero’s Journey Series

Strength in Weakness

Violence of Fire

Hero of Kingdoms

How to Keep Christmas Well: Featuring Dickens' A Christmas Carol

A timeless classic accompanied by original poetry and reflections.

My Little Love

My Little Love is a Bedtime Adventure that takes children on a journey through the world and beyond, encouraging them to see their life’s purpose in God’s marvelous creation.

Bright Minds

Bright Minds is a poetic trip through various classic tales ranging from Homer to Shakespeare, from Peter Pan to Sherlock Holmes. With imagery and imagination, Bright Minds will guide you to your next big adventure.

Think Bigger: Choosing Better Action Words

An interactive vocabulary book designed to guide upper elementary level readers through various verbs and their definitions by using visual examples, repetition, coloring activities, and fill in the blank sentences.

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