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Educational Courses

Join our Patreon community and choose the best tier for your student(s). With a variety of affordable digital courses and content, as well as optional grading/critique, there’s something for every student from 4th-12th grade.

I & P Classics and Study Guides

The Great Conversation is a series that deals with the literary works that are a part of this dialogue of humanity. Each book in this series allows the original work to be read in its original state with only one addition—making you a member of the conversation.

Assessment Handbooks for The Reading Collection*

Minor Assessments: reading summaries & predictions

Major Assessments: essay prompts, creative projects, & analyses

Educational Workbooks

I & P Educational books provide students with an interactive learning experience and are a great addition to daily curriculum.


Learning to Find Joy: A Teacher’s Guide to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Poetry & reflections:

Joy Through a Wardrobe (Poetry and Reflections on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

Revival and Victory: A Poetic Companion to Prince Caspian

Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Creative Writing Prompts for Kids feature:

  • 12 unique writing prompts

  • blank writing pages for short stories and comics


Answering the Call: Creative Writing Guide and Workbook

Answering the Call was created for 6-8 grade students to include:

  • a creative writing guide

  • 12 unique writing prompts

  • blank writing pages for short stories, poems, and comics

*Accompanies an Online Course

Think Bigger: Choosing Better Action Words

An interactive vocabulary book designed to guide upper elementary level readers through various verbs and their definitions by using visual examples, repetition, coloring activities, and fill in the blank sentences.

Bright Minds

Bright Minds is a poetic trip through various classic tales ranging from Homer to Shakespeare, from Peter Pan to Sherlock Holmes. With imagery and imagination, Bright Minds will guide you to your next big adventure.

XYZ: Animal Tongue Twisters

XYZ: Animal Tongue Twisters is a fun, entertaining way to challenge young readers with new sounds and letter combinations. Recommended for young readers, ages 6-9.

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